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My Paying Ads - Four Stages to Losing Your Money

*updated 16th July 2017

In May 2017,  Uday at My Paying Ads said he will refund everybodies seed money.
Sounds good, but has he done it yet?
This was his original post from May 18th:

MPA/MPCA Stages Going Forward as of 18th May 2017

Stage 1:
Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017
back to members processors
Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017
Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances
Time frame: Proceeding now

Stage 2:
Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites
Time frame: Within 7 days

Stage 3:
Open the new product platforms, CC,
Local Business Directory Listing
Time frame: Within 14 days(CC)
to 8 weeks(Local Business Directory Listing)

Stage 4:
Return 'Seed Money' – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals
Time frame: Begin within 3 months,
based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs
Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice'

Fast forward today and has Uday refunded anybody? 
He says he's refunded half of all his members so far, but judging from the comments by his 4500 odd Facebook members, not one of them seems to have received anything.

The Official My Paying Ads Facebook page carries this notice:

10th July 2017
For all that keep asking: When do we start up Why no new update or When will Uday start paying out seed money .
1) : Traffic exchange is nearly complete and just testing to follow through then ready to launch. No need for a update until They are ready !
2) No need for a update when Uday has no news . All info is in the Update in the TOP of the Facebook group or on the website Admin message .
3) Return SEED Money : All purchases made before the 10th of may 2017 . NO NEED TO RAISE a TICKET .We are committed to generate the new revenue to refund the seed money balances to the members who have not withdrawn more than their seed money balance through our upcoming new advertising products and new partner programs. There is no fixed time frame for this as it depends on when we can generate the necessary targeted revenue to refund to the seed money balance to all eligible members.
4) Refunds : All purchases made from the 10th until the 15th of may 2017 Raise a ticket for a refund '.
Some of the comments in response:

'Where's the proof that half has been paid back? Just because you said it, doesn't make it so.'

'No one receive seed money. .... in my group'.

'I totally agree with what the people are saying, how do we know if half of the people really got their seed money back? '

'How long have i been surfing your site without any interest and i did not get seed money.'

'Lies lies lies. Got nothing'

Despite Udays promise to refund this 'seed money' it's now been confirmed that any money returned will just come from the NEW Ponzi that Uday is creating. The three month timeframe that gave Uday some wriggle room is always up, so lets see how he gets out of this one. I'll keep you posted...

July 16th 2017

Another update:

Update from #MPA and #MPCA Management (15th July 2017)

Dear All,

We hope you are all doing good. We have some significant progress in the development of scripts needed for our upcoming partner programs and hence we like to update you the progress at this junction.

[1] For one of the Advertising platforms working with bitcoin, the programming is near to completion. Currently, the testing of the features is going on and we will be able to launch it within one week time from now or before. Also, we will share the details of the program in 2-3 days time and will open the pre-registrations.

[2] As mentioned earlier, the bigger expectation for the revenue generation is from Business Directory and programmers have finished more than 80% of the basic coding needed. We are looking at getting the script ready for testing in 2-3 weeks time. For this also we will start sharing the details this week so that the interested affiliates can be recruited and started giving some training.

This script is entirely new as the off shelf scripts does not meet our needs. Hence, the programmers have been exclusively working on this script to make sure that they can deliver on what we need. We are satisfied with the progress so-far and it is going to be ready on-time.

[3] Turning MPA and MPCA into normal traffic exchanges was put on hold because the programmers wanted to work on the above two projects exclusively to make sure that they can develop the features that we have asked for. So, this item will be worked on sometime now.

[4] As updated earlier, Mr Shaf Memon will be leading the CC program and it is scheduled to be launched after the bitcoin based advertising platform. The plan and the launch details will be shared in the due course of time.

[5] Meanwhile, we like to open a new Facebook group only for the members who are waiting for the seed money balance so that any exclusive announcements to be made will be communicated through the same. There may be some details and announcements which we only want to communicate with the members who are waiting for seed money balance. Also, we will share the details of the revenue generated on daily basis through pinned post in this group. This is open to members who are waiting for seed money balance only and it is mandatory for all those members to join this group to get updates. If you do not have a Facebook account, you may want to open one temporary profile for this purpose and join the group. We will share the Facebook group link soon. Please gather the following information which is needed before joining this group:

[A] Member id number of MPA/MPCA:
[B] Total Payment Processor Purchase amount:
[C] Total Withdrawals:
[D] Seed Money balance: [B]-[C]

Please take help from your friends to open a FB profile, if needed.

The main MPA and MPCA Facebook group will continue to function as normal.

[6] Just a note on the delay for updates. I was severely traumatized by the developments at MPA/MPCA, negative comments, scammer accusations, threats and blackmails, rigorous push for seed money returns while we do not have any funds etc and hence could not attend to my daily activities. I have been building up the strength needed to move forward. Hence, there was a delay in the updates.

We have been functioning with utmost honesty since March 2015 and there have been no wrong doings. The program has stalled because of not enough sales and hence we arrived to the current situations. Unfortunately, some members have been interpreting it wrongly.

[7] We will do all necessary things to generate the revenue and return the seed money balance. There will be no doubts about it. But, it will take time. Please only remember one thing, the seed money may not come when you need but it will come for your use at an appropriate time after the funds will be generated.

Please kindly do not worry and panic about the bitcoin fluctuations. We will try to refund the seed money balance such that you will get the highest value of the btc vs USD conversion. We will generate the revenue until that point where you will get maximum benefit. We will provide more details in the due course of time.

As we do not have funds for any refunds now (the refunds will follow as we generate the new revenue), we may not be able to reply for the current requests that are coming in. We will continue to send the seed money balance as we generate the new revenue and the stats of the seed money balance returns will be given in the pinned post of the new FB group that is going to be opened soon.

More to follow in the next updates. Thanks for all your kind support and good wishes.

Uday N
#MPA and #MPCA Admin


To Recap:
Uday says he has no money to pay refunds, the new money will come from his NEW ponzi that presumably he wants old affiliates to join?
He also wants to open a NEW Facebook page where members can pretend to be someone else so they can get updates that people who AREN'T owed money, can't see.
How to join this special group? Put your membership number and all the details of the money owed, onto a PUBLIC Facebook page!
Why hasn't Uday got his affiliates financial records safely stored? Doesn't he own a computer? And why can't he repay the money as promised?  At least that question is easy to answer -  the lifespan of this ponzi is over, so he needs to start a NEW one. And what's the best way to start up a NEW Ponzi? Simple, ensure that lots of NEW members join to inject lots more cash so he can pay all the NEW members, and the old.
The  PONZI wash cycle goes around again, CASH in, RINSE out, SPIN BS, REPEAT...

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