Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Click Intensity - Going BOOM?

It looks like Click Intensity is on the downward slope to oblivion.
They've started the old, 'we've been hacked ', excuses and all withdrawals have been blocked until affiliates have completed a 'KYC'.
No, not 'KFC', listen at the back there, 'KYC' which is KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER.
Why in the heck you have to  'KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER' to get paid is a mystery but the Clickers seem to be lapping up the BS quicker than a real  KFC!  They also (mysteriously) have no Paypal. So now everyone has to open up an STP account, and any withdrawals over $100 will be done MANUALLY. Which is Ponzi speak for ' not anytime soon'.
But have no fear! Their expert techies are on the case of those dastardly hackers and they'll fix it in around 14 -21days! Maybe if they used a proper screwdriver instead of the dud ones from last years Xmas cracker it may get fixed quicker? Just a thought.
Anyway, here is the statement from a 12 hour board meeting. Hope they sent out for some KFC!

Hi Everyone
I know a lot of you have been waiting for the latest update and here it is :
Our tech team managed to crack the loopholes in merchant API's becuase of which systems were hacked and hence have started to work on it.......
Along with this extensive security checks are being deployed as I write so the system can be hack proof for future
This is important for everyone's future here
Here are few things tech crew is working on :
All withdrawals and Inter-wallet transfers (Gold coin) to be blocked till the time a user does not completes his/her KYC.
Inter-wallet transfers should not initiate (credit and debit both) till the time KYC is not completed.
Mobile number verification API to be deployed ASAP.
Once this is live, a user should be prompted to verify his mobile number, everytime he/she logs-in. The user should be redirected to the 'mobile number verification page', till the time his mobile number is not verified.
All kinds of transfers (withdrawals and inter-wallet) to be blocked till the time mobile number is not verified.
The KYC feature to be deployed ASAP.
Once KYC is live, we shall allow withdrawals only through STP and all requests above 100 USD, would be approved manually.
All other withdrawal methods shall remain on hold till further notice.
Limit of 2 User IDs per IP in 24 hours.
As soon as a third ID is accessed on the same IP in 24 hours.
It gets blocked.
Proper error msgs and emails to be initiated towards the customer to inform the same.
Easy options for All admins (support and finance) to enable these IDs.
Now as you can see this is an extensive list and will take anywhere from 7-14 days for the tech crew to finish
However I definately know that many of you need the withdrawls to be happening at the same time as you have bills to pay....
Hence in the next 24-48 hours STP withdrawls upto $100/day will be live again and all requests will be manually approved.........
Tech team has already finished double checking STP API's with the merchant and is full proof as of now and hence will be live first.....
Once KYC module is implemented , Advcash and Coinbase withdrawls to $100/day will also be enabled.....
And Once the entire system checks are implemented ( anywhere between 14-21 days) , withdrawls will resume back to $500/day but manually approved
And Once we have the system running smoothly for 30-60 days with no leaks anywhere , the withdrawl limit will be increased back to $5000/day per user.....
We have come to this list after over 12 hours of board meeting and having expert opinions from top people in system security and finance management...
With these moves Click Intensity will become way more stronger and solid than it was ....
While 99 % of the revenue share companies which started 90 days back have already closed doors , I can confidently say with Click Intensity we are just getting started.....
With 105k+ members , major corporate deals with billion $$$ companies , launch of new and exciting advertising products in next 30-60 days - We are all set to create history...
You can with 100 % confidence call Click Intensity your home and retire here :-)
Keep building , keep recruiting , keep buying those packs and keep clicking your 10 ads daily.....Simple business
We will do what we are supposed to do to ensure you guys have the ride of your life with Click Intensity !
See you all on top

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