Friday, 6 May 2016

'SharesThatCare' Scam - TT3 replacement!

So what happens when your Advertising Scam has reached it's full quota of suckers?
You just start a NEW scam! 
Troy, over at 'Triple Threat 3', can't be bothered to sort out the mess he's left - way too many angry affiliates who've lost money! -  so his solution is to just start up another one!

 'SHARES THAT CARE' is his brand new Scam site!

He hasn't quite figured out whether it's called 'SHARE THAT CARE' or 'SHARES THAT CARE' but being unprofessional is the least of his problems.

So what is 'SHARES THAT CARE'? Its still a 'click ten ads a day and get rich Ponzi scam'  but it looks like he's gathered together every conceivable Ponzi on the planet so you can take your pick at how to lose your money the fastest. Just LOOK at this lot!


He has though, solved the problem of the whining he was getting from his loyal affiliates about withdrawal fees - HE JUST MAKES YOU PAY TO DEPOSIT MONEY instead! Genius!

And as for the T&C's! I've never read anything like them. And believe me, I've read ALOT!
I especially love the bit about why accounts may be blocked in the future - he uses 'ETC'...! 

This guy has serious customer service issues. At least PRETEND to respect your Cashcow Troy. Purposefully pissing them off will just get you put in jail faster!

'Triple Threat 3' is now blocking accounts, taking the cash and blaming it all on the hapless affiliates.
'SHARES THAT CARE' will do the exact same thing!

Finally, if you click on 'SHARES THAT CARE' Facebook link, you get this page:

Its a site called REVSHAREMONEY, and this guy sure aint happy with young Troy!

For Translation: Hi Revsharemoney, Sasa, kindly remove the Click Intensity income calculator from your website... you know the one you are claiming to have built yourself when in fact you have taken MY approved income calculator, stripped it of its branding and are trying to pass off as your own. Its is very unethical and it is very disappointing especially as it was built for free use and sharing anyway. You may replace it with the original providing you keep it as original with the branding on it. thank you Oh and by the way..... You should think about the mark twain quote you posted "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything" maybe take a few moments to think about what that says and means.

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