Sunday, 20 March 2016

Four Corners Alliance - SCAM

Roll up, Roll up! The opportunity of a lifetime! 
Don't miss this amazing 4 x 6 matrix that NOBODY has ever thought of before! 

Lets see what this unique opportunity is:
Turn $18 into $500,000! How? 
Find four people who will pay 4Corners $18 and then those four people have to find another four people who pay $18, and then those four get the idea? 

So who is this amazing, awesome company who can make us ALL rich?
Four Corners Alliance Group, or 'Four Corners' for short, is based in Las Vegas and is run by an Australian, David Harrison.

The 'Four Corners' are:
Extensive Business experience
Integrity, and last, but not least,
Technical know-how...
AND.. the FOUR people you have to recruit.
(STOP LAUGHING AT THE BACK or I'll make you write 500 times:
This is NOT a Ponzi... This is NOT a PONZI ..)

So what do you need to do to become rich?
Well first, you have to part with that magic $18, but it'll only leave your pocket once, phew!
So what do you get for your $18 ?
Well, $8 of that is the all-important, one-time only, Admin Fee!
And the other $10?
You get 'High Quality Digital products' AND a weekly income potential, AND a STRONG monthly potential AND company support! Wow!

So what are these 'digital products'? You won't believe this but the AMAZING product is a set of sixteen...BOOKS! And how do you get these books?
You have to go through SIX LEVELS (or SEVEN if you're REALLY good!) to get these, (or you could save yourself the time, money and effort and just google the info? Just a thought?) 
and find your 4 referrals, sorry, 'sponsors', who ALSO have to pay the $18.   

And the second product?
Only a MONTHLY optional subscription newsletter!
FULL of cutting edge information about current financial affairs! WOW! They'll be a stampede for this one. Ah.h.h ..but before you all get too excited, there is a have to fork out $29.95 a month subscription for this amazing life changing product which, by the way, 'are POWERFUL bulletins which are the basis of your membership with 4Corners' - had to get that in, it sounds so REAL.

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, you can also earn COMMISSIONS - ALWAYS A BONUS EH!
So lets take a look at these lovely levels! There are SIX/SEVEN of them. 
Level one costs you $10 and you have to sponsor 4 people - AND you get a book!
And those four people who join will make you $16 in commission...which automatically means you graduate to LEVEL 2! Which means you pay ANOTHER $10, get ANOTHER educational book and get MORE commissions! 

Don't worry if it's getting confusing, Four Corners are going to give you your very own website to  TRACK all these commission payments - SO GENEROUS them! 


So if the people that YOU sponsor, make a sale of the 'education set', you ALSO get commissions. And if one of these sponsors takes out an optional subscription of the amazing $29.95 monthly newsletter, you ALSO get a $1 commission!

So how do you get paid all this lovely money? Well, you get paid on every Tuesday. (Maybe they can't afford  full-time staff yet?) And MONTHLY, AND you get your own debit card!

The good news is, you can get a refund of your original purchase with-in THREE days only - how generous are they!
They also accept both Visa and Mastercard so a Chargeback can be requested when this goes belly up - which of course it won't, as this is a genuine, long term, unique, special ...zzzzzz.


  1. Isn't there anything legal on the internet?

    1. I'm sure there are lots of legit ones but I don't look for them. It's scams I'm after...


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