Sunday, 6 March 2016

Beonpush - SCAM

(last updated 24th June 2016)

No clicking ten ads with this one!

You can make 150% by doing absolutely NOTHING. Yep, you heard that straight, NOTHING, except buying an INVESTMENT PACK and telling people how AMAZING BEONPUSH is! That would be, er, 'REFERRING'? 

Here's what BEONPUSH say about 'reffering':


We have designed a worldwide affiliate program available for any participants from any part of the word. Our affiliate program benefits those who are skilled in investment project marketing, personal bloggers or just regular people who are willing to invite their friends. With our lucrative affiliate program you will be awarded with commission straight into your account balance, available for instant withdrawal or reinvestment. All you have to remember is that you have to be an active member to participate.
How does our affiliate program work ? 
It works by simple principles and it’s in 2 levels of 13 and 2 % for the direct refferals and 10% as binary incomes. You have to be an active member (with an active investment pack) to earn it. All you have to do is share our project idea with others, via sharing your affiliate link available in your personal account.'

Ooh goodie, BAD spelling AND levels!  Lots and lots of LEVELS! I love levels... 

LEVELS tell me a whiff of BULLS**T is in the air...!
And look what we have here:  INVESTMENT packs! 

'Investment packs

Beonpush has investment in various sectors of the online marketing and in majority trading positions in the Real Time Bidding. The profit that the company earns from these sources and investments; is shared among the members, paid members will become stakeholders and will receive profit according to their investment.
From $20 to $10.000 the investment packs expire at 150%
Each ticket pays daily according to the today’s interest + the bonus linked to its value.'

If they're calling themselves an 'INVESTMENT'  they MUST be registered to offer investment services, but I can't find anything?   Their registration must be in the post!

So to re-cap. You buy an INVESTMENT pack. That gives you back ALL of your money PLUS another 50%! WOW! tell the world IMMEDIATELY! We can end world poverty NOW!

But before we get carried away with this AMAZING 'business' opportunity, lets take a look at their FACEBOOK page:

You can tell A LOT about a company from their FACEBOOK page comments. And the comments about this AMAZING business aren't too complimentary!

But don't worry, BEONPUSH are amazing! 

Here's two of the reasons why:
he sense of an entrepreneurship and desire to take considered risks balanced by prudence and clear-sightedness, without which a bold manager can become reckless
which implies a willingness to empower employees and teams, and to allow managers to experience the effects of their initiatives and decisions. Trust also implies an open mind and genuine transparency in the flow of information, and is at the heart of our Collaborative Business Experience.'

Crikey. Verbal diarrhea at it's finest!  

Some Background Information on BEONPUSH:

BEONPUSH was registered on 3rd August 2015
UK company reg:9714406
UK Company address:
B1 Business Centre, Suite 206, Davyfield Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2QY
NO officers have been listed.

Headquarters in Luxembourg:

12,rue de bastogne

 and a PO BOX in Dubai: 

Concord Tower
6th Floor Dubai Media City
P.O.Box 126732, Dubai – UAE

All these addresses are just PO. BOXES or Business Service addresses.

Another CLASSIC sign of something distinctly smelly!

15th May 2016

The Telegraph in the UK have picked up the Beonpush Ponzi Scam story:

28th May 2016
Look at all these 'Happy Affiliate' comments on the BeonPush Facebook page:

Lino Andrade I have Payza funds that did NOT get into my E Wallet either
Som Boon payza deposit funds missing and no answer from support for weeks
Marijan Orlović If your payza deposit was delayed : you can go to you account < dashboard < Wallet < payza deposit and there is a link where you Can introduce your payza payement reference.... you are welcome smile emoticon
Som Boon Marijan Orlović Yep all that was done and they said contact beonpush, which we have been doing for weeks with no reply so again according to payza beonpush have the money and it's not in the wallet and no reply at all from beonpush support again.
Anne Marita Yudenfreund Som Boon I have the same exact situation. I uploaded money from Payza to BOP on April 28. Payza support has told that there is nothing they can do. BeonPush has been completely non-responsive. Lucky I was not moving thousands of $$. However, I do want the missing cash , which was supposed to purchase more packs. Has been a month now.... frown emoticon
LikeReply12 hrs
Anne Marita Yudenfreund Marijan Orlović Good suggestion but doesn't seem to do any good. Transaction confirmed and verified and completed by Payza. No word from BOP...
LikeReply11 hrsEdited
Anne Marita Yudenfreund I personally CANNOT sign up more people until I see that I get my missing money. I cannot have this happen to my sign ups!
LikeReply11 hrs
Tara Glassia

Write a reply...

Slavko Hohos Payza deposit not on my e-wallet frown emoticon

But don't worry. It's all ok. The problem is that Beonpush HAVE LOST DATA!
Have they tried looking down the back of the sofa?
Always works for me!

hi bro i have same problem from 17 may but not solved beonpush scam
Hasan Husi That's why I'm writing here. People should know that something is going wrong with beonpush
LikeReply126 May at 05:01
Metin Metin i am waiting 10 days not answer beonpush support in 10 day
Hasan Husi You can forget for the answer from beonpush support. They doesn't have this culture of communications. Our emails are always ignored from beonpush. I personally hope that Mr. Demirovski will keep his promise and pay our withdraw as fare the will receive the API history from Payeer.

Hasan Husi Dear Metin Metin and all other users which has the some problem like me with withdrawing funds, here is one mail from beonpush support team:


there is lost data, but will be fixed. The IT is already work on it.
will be added some option to manually confirm payeer transactions for users who loses their data.
But you have to wait, due to importing and scanning a lot of data manually.
Thank you for understanding.


This mean our money will be payed back but we have to wait little bit. I hope I was able to help affected users 😊

LikeReply21 hrs


Somebody please tell these guys how to spell. SO unprofessional. And as for the grammar...!
This is their latest Career advice (no pension needed!) Spend all your money on these amazing ad packs, get 150% return AND a pen, AND rides in a private jet!
All you have to do is fleece your friends and family and get them to buy useless ad packs as well!

(for translation:
Build your way to the top inside of Beonpush. Earn the bonuses benefits that your hard work deserves. 
Check our career plan and the different gifts that the company will be happy to reward you with.
From a luxury pen for the novice level to the god level with a full package with privat jet houres, supercar and appartment beachfront.
Your status will be automatically update. Go to your dashboard to regularly see when is your next update.
Because Beonpush believes that this company won't exist without the human to be the center of its concern.­­­­­­

24th June 2016

Beonpush is now following numerous other PONZI'S and changing its name to BeonTel
Beonpush apparently had to change it's name due to 'fraud'. 
That excuse is marginally better than the 'Digadz' excuse of an incurable paralysis that only left a finger free for signing
important documents. The only thing they have in common is that both excuses are Bullcrap! 

'Greetings BeonPusher's,

Thanks for your patience. The Core Leader's summit in Macedonia has been tremendously productive.

A clear vision of the future of BeonPush has been established and the launch of BeonTel is about to commence. For everyone's hard work and investment over this past year, lifetime packs will be offered over the coming days. For anyone negatively affected by the fraud and recalculations in their dashboards, your accounts will be restored completely. All of your remaining pack earnings, income wallet, and commissions will be calculated and offered as a Lifetime pack with an option to withdraw your money. Due to the internal audit and investigation over these past few weeks, there has been a temporary suspension of the the RTB trading and no profits have been made. However, to keep our promise, the minimal returns of 0.5% has been paid out. The full RTB trading and profit sharing will now be restored going forward. These lifetime packs will pay in a similar fashion to current packs however they will not expire. All future profits of BeonPush projects including BeonTel and other brands offered through the network will be paid into these lifetime packs as recognition and remuneration for assisting in the launch of this valuable global network. The profit sharing from this offer will be very substantial and long term, however, if you wish to withdraw your actual initial deposit, you are free to do so and be withdrawn from the BeonPush network. The career bonuses will also be offered in the lifetime pack calculations, however, if you wish to get paid for these career bonuses, please contact with your intentions. Today at midnight, no new members will be permitted to register. BeonPush is now a sustainable network not relying on any new membership in the company but solely on the reliable business model.
BeonTel will be launching and your current downlines and binary structure will be replicated within your new BeonTel dashboard interface. Login information will be provided directly from your current dashboard with your same username and password. Packs similar to BeonPush will be offered with an initial daily target rate of return of 0.3% to 0.5%. These returns will increase dramatically as the number of App downloads and phones are sold creating a valuable mobile RTB network. The phones and App will be available worldwide.
Enterprise level support solutions will be implemented. The core leaders have been assigned roles of Vice Presidents of Compliance, Sales & Logistics, Marketing, and New Product Development for future brands of BeonPush, all communicating with each other and directly with the CEO.
Thanks again everyone for a great year and the launch of our BeonPush society and let's rock and roll with the bright future of Beontel.'

I'll translate that for you:
We have stolen your money, closed down Beonpush and reset our scam with a new name. 


  1. if there are no officers, then the company is trading illegally.

    I must follow them on Company Check me thinks and see how long they survive.


  2. Tara

    are there any traffic sharing sites that you have some positive comment on ?

    they cant all be bad can they ?

    1. they are all scams you thick bellend

  3. Not all are bad but there are some pretty clear signs that Beonpush is a scam and people will lose big money. Create an account for yourself, then try and deactivate / delete your account. You cant. Its been it looks like a shiny car until you get in it and try it out. Its just a heap of shit.

  4. Quite short in comparison to your TM review Tara.

  5. Tara, i quess your blog is SCAM and you only get trafic from this site.

    1. Vadim. I get between 1100 and 2000 visitors a day to this site. For those amount of visitors, I earn approximately 50p per day, which doesn't even cover my Broadband bill. How exactly is that a scam? Beonpush, on the other hand, is a PONZI scam. Their referral system is just layer after layer after layer of prime Ponzi. But you know that already, don't you!

  6. Maybe, but i get here with assumed risk and try. And btw the 20$ entry is low risk for the investors. Will see... Time will show us everything, but if beonpush is not a Ponzi are you ready to get your words BACK TARA and write a positive post?

    1. It isn't an 'investment' Vadim, its an illegal PONZI. And I've never been wrong yet!

  7. Tara please help me get the money back from BEONPUSH Scam company ?
    Is there a way? please help

    1. The advice is the same, no matter what the scam is. Try for a Chargeback and REPORT Beonpush for stealing your money.

  8. Beonpush stole 4k of my $. They shut down my account and refuse to answer my questions. Who do we report them to.

    1. Report them to the authorities in your country Anon. If Beonpush get closed down offically, you may be able to recover some of your money.


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