Monday, 31 August 2015

My Advertising Pays exposed in The Sunday Times

My Advertising Pays has been exposed in another UK National newspaper as being a suspected Ponzi Scam. Newspapers don't print these accusations lightly as the LEGAL bills for fighting libelous claims are enormous! 
So will My Advertising Pays sue them? Of course not! 
Have MAPS sued The Daily Mirror for Libel? Of course not! 
Have they followed through on the 'Cease and Desist' orders they sent? Of course not!
Has Simon challenged the Advertising Standards Agency ruling that ruled against him? 

My Advertising Pays will never take a UK paper to court for libel because they know full well that they would be laughed out of court.
That information alone should confirm what lots of us already know - My Advertising Pays is a PONZI.

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