Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The 540 day Chargeback rule

NEVER pay for these schemes in CASH. ALWAYS use a credit card. When the scheme goes sour - which it will - you can at least be safe in the knowledge that you can use the 540 day rule to recover your money using CHARGEBACK.

ALL of these schemes promise you money. They are offering you a 'service'. If they don't give you what you paid for, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A REFUND.

                  ALWAYS USE A CREDIT CARD

                      - CHARGE IT BACK!


  1. I have used a credit card in the past and as the payment went though a processor such as Solid Trust Pay, the credit card company would not take up the case. Just another thing to watch out for.

  2. A very good point but that depends on the Credit Card company, so it's always worth trying. We have had successes going through third parties. Alot depends on the evidence you have of payments as well.

  3. Barclaycard are telling me that because of the third party involved they are not liable and so will not refund my payment. What more can I do. You say some have had successes going through third parties.

  4. In the very beginning we did, but that time has now passed. Your best hope now is with the Liquidators. Register with them if you haven't already done so.

  5. Hi tara,

    I made large payments into trafficmonsoon via paypal in july 2015. I have made a chargeback claim with my bank.

    Can you let me know how i should explsin this to the fraud department?

    Thnk u

    1. It's very simole anon. You just tell them you were scammed by a Ponzi that the SEC has just closed down and you want to request a chargeback under the 540 day rule for 'services not received'. They will advice you.

  6. Usually they will try and get out of it - like they did with me and refused to pay regardless. I took thius to the Financial Ombudsman and he found in their favour!! Absolutely useless. They are all complicit in their crime and as a result I have now contested the 'alleged debt' on my credit card and am loofking to go to court.


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