Saturday, 1 June 2019

Ex Lyoness (Australian) MD Craig Wotton Gives Out Refund Information

Ex Lyoness MD Craig Wotton has recently contacted Lyoness Australian members with information on how to claim a refund from Lyoness.
The refunds are being obtained through Ben Ecker at BE Conflikt Management and apply
to everybody, world-wide, not just Australia.

Craig is particularly interested to hear from anybody who has obtained a refund and is willing to give testimonial, as Lyoness are still insisting these refunds aren't taking place.

Lyoness Claims: Updated Claim Forms, Settlements & Relevant Information
Dear Lyoness Members,

I would like to congratulate all of the parties that have received successful settlement payouts this last week, and it would be greatly appreciated if more members would be willing to record testimonial videos to send through to us once you have successfully received your settlement, it will certainly help more members make the decision to move forward to reclaim their money back via BE Conflikt Management in Austria.


Lyoness Claims: Former Lyoness Australian Managing Director Craig Wotton

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Big John Pizza Owner (Sydney Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Michael Azimos (Melbourne Australia)

BE Conflikt Management have moved into new offices in Vienna (Austria) in addition to opening brand new headquarters in Miami Florida to accommodate the increasing demand of injured parties in the United States and surrounding regions.

Please use the updated claim forms attached to this email for all future member claims if you or any other effected parties are completing your own claim forms and if you have contacts in the U.K, Europe or the U.S.A I will provide you with the relevant claim forms for these markets upon request.

For members needing assistance putting claims together I am more than willing to assist with any parties that need help so please feel free to pass on my contact details to further injured parties.


We have noticed that members that have agreed to new terms and conditions have had their invoices removed from their member back office reporting systems making it difficult to calculate what are the correct claimable sums, if you or any of your constituents are in this situation we will have no option other than to rely upon bank statement to prove money that has been paid to Lyoness as supportive evidence in respect of claims.

Please make sure that you have saved all of your invoices that you rely on for your claim in a folder on your computer or even print hard copies in the case that there is any dispute over the amounts claimed, we have been asked in some cases to produce supportive evidence in respect to certain members claims.

If your account has been terminated we are still able to lodge your claim, we do not acknowledge account terminations the money in your account is your money and is claimable.

Any network marketing companies that allegedly steal commissions and entitlements do not deserve the right to continue on benefiting from your downlines and I have always been of the view that such terminations would constitute beaches of the Australian Consumer Laws particularly those that relate to unconscionable conductunfair contract terms and in other instances anti-competitive behaviour.

I was contacted by a member that has had their account terminated and or blocked by Lyoness on 2 separate occasions, the member in question advised me that they lodged official complaints to the NSW Fair Trading office of which Lyoness quickly reopened there account, I note that this member has over $100,000.00 invested in there Lyoness account which is just outrageous that Lyoness would have the hide to allegedly attempt to defraud this member out of more than $100,000.00.

I have not seen conduct like this in the 28 years that I have been involved with the direct sales industry!

Last Monday night Derek Miller conducted another excellent webinar broadcast revealing further findings that is well worth watching, I have tremendous respect for Derek and his partner Carolyn Philips for the leadership that have shown to the network of people that have followed them for many years believing in Lyoness and are now helping their team realize the incontrovertible truths regarding Lyoness.

Last Monday night’s Star’s Mastery Webinar can be viewed publically on You Tube by following this link:
(I would suggest that you subscribe to Derek Miller’s Stars Mastery You Tube Channel to receive alerts each time new content is uploaded)

It is well worth following Ben Ecker’s media releases from the websites of BE Conflikt Management and Social Media pages by following these links:

I would again like to commend Ben Ecker on the work that he is doing for now thousands of claimants from many different countries around the world and we will be standing totally committed to each and every one of you until the very last member that wishes to has successfully lodged and settled their claims.

That is our commitment to you!

Kind regards.'

Documents related to claiming your refund are all available here:

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