Saturday, 30 September 2017

Charles Scoville - Delusions of Granduer

'I could have joined USI-TECH and made lots of money, but that's not me to earn from a scam. I have morals and standards.'

....says Charles Scoville. 

The guy who opened and closed all these scams and presumably made a nice tidy sum from each of them.

Wealthenginex .com
...and Traffic Monsoon. 

If anyone knows scams, it's Charles Scoville. He's certainly had enough practice perfecting them. 

So why is Charles picking on USI-TECH particularly?  Out of dozens of other perfectly good scams he could tear apart, he picks on the one that his previous loyal leaders have all jumped into. Disloyal friends are the pits, aren't they Charles? And after all that money they made from you as well...that's gratitude eh?

Meanwhile, a fellow scambuster Ethan Vanderbuilt, has also suffered the wrath of Charles for daring to suggest that in 'his opinion' Charles is a scammer. I've got news for Charles, there are thousands more people with the same opinion, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, who, may I remind you, has charged Charles with all this:

Violation of Section 17(a)(1) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(1)] 

Violation of Section 17(a)(3) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(3)] 

Violation of Section 10(b) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 78j(b)] and Rule 10b-5(a) and
(c) thereunder [17 U.F.R. § 240.10b-5(a) and (c)] 

Violation of Sections 5(a) and (c) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77e(a) and (c)]

This is Charles post about Ethan:

'Ethan Vanderbuilt recently ran an article featuring how I'm openly displaying the lies and deception within USI-TECH and the leaders there. 

I appreciate his ameteur approach but he's been very wrong with many of his business opinions. Ethan, I'll help you out with a legal definition relating to your opinion about me and also my business Traffic Monsoon.

In definition a ponzi is an *investment* which doesn't have any actual source of returns but simply uses investor funds to supply returns. As you apply scrutinty to the pages inside and outside the members area of Traffic Monsoon, you would see there is no offer to place money in TM's management for TM to manage in such a way for there to be returns. Telling customers that there is a rewards program built into a purchase which will reward them for an activity based upon how much they purchased using money the company already has does not constitute a ponzi, so your ameteur opinion about my business is flawed. Since no offer for an investment exists on my website or videos -- all content created by me which was available for customers to view step-by-step through the sign-up and check-out process.. and had to setup an advertisement before a purchase button even appeared. Clearly what was for sale was ad service, and not any investment.

The fraud in a ponzi clearly identified is the contractual obligations which they cannot meet. Promising returns from X and there is no X to provide those returns, then it's impossible to meet the promises made within the purchase agreement.

As we have been able to outline for the courts, TrafficMonsoon would never be in position where it couldn't fulfill its contractual obligations. It's also not positioning itself to be a place to manage your money and get returns from X. X doesn't exist, but the offer to provide returns from X also doesn't exist within TM. Promise of income of any kind does not exist on TM, but quite to the contrary. Everything labeled as an ad service that will get visitors to your website, and every obligation to complete the delivery of the service purchased can be fulfilled. Every account balance with earnings can be paid out. There is no ponzi here.

This is how clear this case is, and truly shouldn't have happened in the first place.

If you need reference to the laws, I recommend reading the brief we've recently filed.

What the brief basically said was: Using money the company already has to reward surfers does not constitute a ponzi, especially when there is no contractual obligation for those rewards to be anything at all. Without obligation for surf rewards to be anything there is no investment. There is no obligation to payout more than the company has, so by law there not only isn't a security but also no ponzi.

The references used were to places where laws and definitions are found which give credibility and weight to our words. One of the references was a dictionary, to show just how plainly simple this case really is, that it should resolve in our favor by definition of law.'

The only  'Definition of Law'  that Charles needs to worry about is how long a jail sentence he'll get for stealing. And in MY OPINION, insulting the Judge by calling her of  'lower intelligence', isn't likely to get him a lighter sentence - but I'm guessing he knows that already. 

Charles Scoville yeah, lots of people taking cheap shots. So I was talking about intelligence with my mom about estimating a date for when this case might be resolved-- truth is we don't know when, and we don't know when the appeal will be finished either- we have no idea..

I was explaining how we need to be careful about giving any estimations at all beyond something like: we don't know how long this will take, but we'll do all we can do have it take the least amount of time as possible.. but some cases with the sec have taken 3-5 years, some have taken longer.. but each step we are at we'll try to do all we can to have the case take the least amount of time as possible.

So these low intelligence people see *estimate* April 2018 .. and these people set it on their calendars and write it on stone and will hold us to that date if something takes longer than we expected... and call us liars if something different than what they say happens.. and these lower intelligence people sometimes squeek louder and also attract other lower intelligence people to collectively agree on such absurd thoughts.. I think that's also one of the roots of this case is lower intelligence agreeing together when the facts can clearly be seen to be the opposite.

Ethan is just another one of those lower intelligences agreeing with other lower intelligences, but if anyone actually pairs my business model up with a ponzi, it actually doesn't match by legal definition-- so the lower intelligent people feel good because a lower intelligent judge was on the bench, but truth was not decided, and the end was not reached in the case-- we haven't even had a trial yet, so we are just getting started in this case. No need to start saying what's been concluded, because there is not one yet... but lower intelligence makes people think a judge has already made a decision, but she really hasn't... the case is still open, it's not closed... still going through the process, and in a legal process there are wins and losses, but in the end we believe we'll win because we're right... and all the higher intelligent types can see it by plain & simple definition of law and definition of what was offered by my business.'

I don't know who Charles lawyers are, but since they've supposedly waived their fees for the last three months:

Shirley Scoville:
'TREMENDOUS NEWS: All of TM’s current bills don’t need to be paid! Imagine that! Our attorney, whose bills these are, has written them off. This means the $3,632.50 June bill and the $577.50 July bill are gone! We didn’t get an August bill. All of this is an effort to take some financial pressure off of us!
The donations that have come in already and those yet to come in will be used on future bills, and you know we’ll have them. We all need to celebrate!'

...I can only conclude his attorneys are sick to the back teeth of him and his continuous verbal diarrhea , and have given up. They surely must be advising him to seek a low profile?But since Charles point blank refuses to shut up and insults everybody from his once close 'friends' to Judge Parrish, who in their right mind would want to defend him?

This latest rant was posted just a few hours ago. Once again he says his previous leaders, Imy Islam and Sharon James, are 'psychopaths'. These are the same people who knew him really well and presumably have stories about him that could incriminate him further. So why do it?

Charles Scoville I'll share what I said to Ethan Vanderbuilt.. If you really put some effort and research into your opinions, and not just read the haters comments.. but read through facts, and dig through each thing.. inspecting.. dissecting.. your articles having things well mapped out with legal definitions, facts from the case (not just opinions or statements of others) but facts, and line those up with legal arguments.. (square to square and it's clean and clear you got it bang on) and you form your opinion using measurements of law and actual definitions (not just what people say).. oh, you start digging into things and uncovering truth as deeply as the depths things go.. and people would pay for a subscription like that to learn of the programs you've dug into.. people would pay you to be a consultant to review their businesses they are thinking of joining..but you don't do that.. In fact this idea may have never crossed your mind to really study and learn, and improve your skills in your field.. you have no idea what you're talking about.. and you can't even see how reckless you are writing (basically) about every company and say it's a scam.. you think that's valuable to anyone at all? you haven't really dug in with all that much skill.. and it's obvious, and the business minded people can see it clearly, so you're not going to attract a very intelligent crowd as you can see by your current followers. Yes, they get some right, but a lot wrong.. but definitely people like Imy Aslam, Sharon James, etc are certainly psychopaths.. but as far as what I was doing, and what the company was doing.. if you're honest as a scam-buster.. nothing I was offering actually was a fraud at all.. there's no fraud in selling ad service.. there's no fraud in sales commissions.. there's no fraud in giving away money the company already has received to people who surf ads... there's really no fraud in that.. if you're truly good at what you do, you'll see that very easily.

Look, you're pathetic at writing these articles but I think you could get better if you just got an education on the things you write about. That's all I'm saying. Your free opinions are worthless, and no one would pay a penny for them anyway. I don't mean to say that as an insult, but you should start living in the truth.. you suck at this, but you can get better.. so see this as me trying to wake you up to a reality, and motivate you to improvement :-) Be a mythbuster quality writer in busting scams. You'd be great if you really put in the work, but what you have now is just real sloppy work. Honestly, real sloppy. Yahoo wouldn't even want to hire this sloppy of work. Seriously.

What do you do for money (I mean besides the ads on your site).. are you workin a job? own a business? what would you say you have gained your level of experience from in this world? Have you tried to launch a product to the market and see that people didn't really want to buy it and have to improve it..? and then see people didn't really want to buy it so you improved.. but what if you did that and people called you a scammer? Everyone had received what they paid for.. and everyone was paid out what they earned.. and after everyone stopped using the service, no one was logging in.. everyone already had requested to be paid.. I closed the site, and recognized that I really need to improve what I'm doing.. just like I'm recommending you to do-- improve what you do and you'll be a greater value to the world and this industry.. but if you're just going to say everything is a scam, then you're just a joke.. and everyone talks about it.. yes, everyone. except the 9-10 people who liked you on fb.. everyone thinks you're a joke.. it's what everyone says everywhere I go.. so it's all I know, is how stupid you are and terrible your reviews are.. So I'm sorry to bring this to your attention but it's true.

You know why Simon Cowell makes a good judge? Because he tells the truth. He makes a lot of money simply being honest about what sounds good. Is that a good singer? He says no. People say he's mean. He says no because no one would buy that record if it was made. If he wants to find real talent, then he's not going to be soft about it. He's going to tell the truth, and when real talent is there he says it. That's the kind of leader people need to be.. if it's a real business, say it.. if it's a fake business... say it.. follow the Simon Cowells who get it right and tell you where the stars are. Don't follow the leaders who constantly lead you into scam after scam, or simply say everything's a scam. They don't know what they're doing. Terrible talent scouts. Find good talent scouts to be your leaders. Need to find leaders who will show you where the good businesses are, and tell you the truth.'

Charles has alot to say about everybody, except the one person who would have known all about his financial dealings - namely Amin Forati, his previous Chief Financial Officer. But we haven't heard a peep. I wonder why?


  1. Charles seems to live in a delusional world where he is the good guy. In my opinion, he is a long time scam creator. Thank you for providing a list of the scams he has been involved in.

    1. I'm guessing that's a record number as well? Opening and closing 16 of them without getting caught must have made him think he was invincible!

  2. Do you know Tara, that has anyone got money from theirs bank if bought adpack via Allied Wallet and putted claim in theirs bank in 540 days rule? Thanks

    1. Hi Anon, the 540 day rule is not applicable to Allied Wallet directly. And the timeline for refunds is very small and has long since passed. But you can still contact the Receivers and put in a claim:


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