Thursday, 1 June 2017

Triple Threat 3 Reloaded Scam - Payza Problems Already

It looks like Payza have Terms and Conditions that Fobbs over at TT3-Reloaded, isn't too keen on, so he's stopped using them. But when you only have two hundred members who seem to be taking out way more than they're putting in, it's hardly a surprise that things are stalling already.

From his Facebook page:

'Fobbs Jefé
28 May at 17:45

Good day team. This coming week we will be phasing Payza out due to their strict rules of holding a percentage of the funds. We cannot get around these rules and as such we have a slight delay on payouts for Payza customers.

We are currently I all other processors. Bitcoin, Stp, and Payeer will remain as well, we will seek other payment options to add to replace Payza. We will let you all know the day we will transfer the payza balances to a new processor so you all can receive your withdrawals.

Also. This is the week the marketplace will be added to allow members to sell real world products. We will have a huge catalog of items you all can sell for good profits. This will increase our revenue and sustain payouts for the future. As well it will give us the credibility of being more then just a Rev share.

Stay patient. It has barely been two weeks. Some people want the world in a day and never even get to see the beach! We aren't going anywhere, so please keep any doubts to yourself and let things play out. You'll see! Life is easy, if you make it that way.'

Unfortunately for Fobbs through, his members have got wise to him:

From todays Facebook page:

'Good Morning All,

We will be transferring payza packs or paying all payza payments out in the coming weeks. BTC should be taken care of as well in the coming weeks, but what we need right now is to tap in to the member base. We have over 1k members but only 200 participating so it's time to start adding on to this. What we have been working on is getting the marketplace fully active and ready for you all, so that we can create that outside source of traffic and income needed along with commissions for selling items. If you are using payeer or stp continue to do what you are doing meaning advertise to others about TT3R and re deposit your fund to build, while we complete the add on to the platform.

We have not even touch the surface for the member base we should have and we are looking for each and everyone of you to do just the little things we have asked. Although others outside of our program want it to fail, that is not our destiny. We have already paid out almost $100,000 and it should be more at this point! What does this mean... we could have paid it so much kore but you must have the member base that we know is out there. So let's hit the ground running because it's still early and plenty of milestones to achieve.

Ps Fobbs Jefé has been blocked from posting or messaging on Facebook because of testing of the shopify for the marketplace. His account will be unlocked on Saturday.'

And some of the replies:

Redzlord Diadid Can you please advise when are the Payza members will get paid? We are waiting for 5 days now while others are getting paid.
30 May at 14:35

Syed Kamran Waiting for withdraw, its pending since 25th may and because of that i can't purchase adpacksas i don't have any further funds to fund my account :/
30 May at 19:40

Ãmy Scicluna Ğlynn We need update regarding payza payments. I would like to continue funding my account and have already created payeer account but need to know what is going to happen to my current balance as it wont let me withdraw it...not even with payeer as i have a pending payza withdrawal
Yesterday at 18:13

Hector Castanon same here pending payza
 22 hrs

Julian Mendez BTC pending payment for 10 days
14 hrs

Zbigniew Kowalczyk A wait for my BTC withdraw from 2017.05.23.
Pleas do something with this
11 hrs · Edited

Hector Castanon is 100% scammmm

 7 hrs

Redzlord Diadid Time is up TT3R. I guess we have given you enough time to process our withdrawal requests but we haven't receive until now. Dear Payza members you know what to do. We are still under 45 days.
4 hrs

Walker Kyle fuck you'

Fobbs says he's paid out $100,000 to just 200 members in barely a month of opening. At this rate he'll be the only Ponzi owner in history to make a LOSS!

3rd August 2017

Oops...where have they gone? I can guess!

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