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My Advertising Pays and VX Gateway - The First Posts


Hello everyone!
We have been crazy-busy behind the scenes working for all of you. The payment option woes we have all dealt with for some time now are coming to a close!
We have struck a deal with an excellent payment processing ewallet company and will be phasing out I-Payout within the coming week or so. Within the new ewallet, our members will be able to fund their accounts and/or make payments with a few clicks of the button! Here are just some of the payment options they provide:
• Credit Card
• ACH Bank Payments (ACH short for Automated Clearing House)
• Bank Wire
• Online Banking
To make a purchase, all you will have to do is click a few buttons, enter your details and PRESTO you will be good to go!
Their fee’s are nominal compared to the ease-of-use with their interface. No need to verify accounts and wait to make purchases. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3… just the way we like it here at!
For you STP users, do not worry! We will be integrating STP directly into MAP. So for those of you that already have verified accounts with STP and prefer them, you will be able to continue using them if you like.
What to Expect This Week
• The Pay with STP option through ewallet has now been disabled. We were experiencing a little trouble with payments being made through them that were not being recognized by I-Payout. Instead of having to comb through hundreds of these and adjust manually, we decided to disable this option through ewallet and integrate it directly into our site. The outstanding issues with payments are being attended to as quickly as possible.
• We are integrating STP into our site directly tomorrow. So long as this is error free, it will be live tomorrow. There will be no need to go through ewallet any longer for these payments.
• For those of you that has already submitted transactions with I-Payout, THEY WILL BE HONORED! So please do not worry yourself or send support tickets about this.
• Once our contract is finalized with the new ewallet company, we will officially announce who they are and other important details.
• We have been advised that the integration of the new ewallet can be completed this week. As soon as they are integrated, the Buy with I-Payout option will be disabled. Any transactions already submitted at that point will still be honored.
• Once the Buy with I-Payout option has been disabled, we recommend for everyone to not pay any of their outstanding invoices through them and instead go through our new ewallet which is much easier.
• Withdrawals will continue through I-Payout for the next couple of weeks. Once we have everything transferred over to the new ewallet, withdrawals through I-Payout will cease and will be processed exclusively through the new ewallet.
• Once both the integration of the new ewallet and STP is complete, you can expect our processes to be the easiest they have ever been. In fact, easy as 1, 2, 3!
Regardless of our recent server troubles, last week was our best yet! We have everything working A-OK now. Its been tough on all of us. Support issues have been extremely high. We ask everyone to please read our extensive FAQ’s found here: Most of the questions we are dealing with are already answered there. Please keep in mind that support issues already answered in our FAQ drastically slow us down. Our support processes are undergoing change right now with a new support desk coming online and training taking place to new reps and managers behind the scenes. Please bear with us as we tackle hundreds of things at once!

While traversing the road-to-success, we are bound to run into the hills and valleys along the way. The difference between success and failure is a matter of never giving up. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We are happy that the server move is complete and all of the outstanding bugs with the new system have now been taken care of.
We couldn’t be in a better position right now. Our membership is strong and resilient! Despite all, we are continually climbing the charts, which makes our advertising services more and more valuable each day. We have big plans! Keep up the great work everyone!
Stay tuned for incoming announcements this week as this transition takes place!

It PAYS to be on the MAP!

April 17TH 2014


Hello everyone!
Thank you all for the B’Day wishes. It was a great day for my family and I! Now to the announcement that is going to help us facilitate our Mission to help change the way people advertise – forever! PROUDLY introduces;
VX will now be our Primary Payment Processing solution going forward. You will be absolutely AMAZED at the ease-of-use that this new platform offers our members in terms of facilitating pay-ins and pay-outs.
Here is their Official Introduction:

VX Gateway Cloud Payment Framework®

VX Gateway Inc. (VX) is a global electronic payment company, expert in secure, real-time electronic monetary transactions. VX applies its proprietary VX Cloud Payment Framework®, a Real-Time Gross Settlement system that coordinates cloud computing with jurisdictional banking frameworks, to provide real time and secure payment processing (including multi-currency transactions) for consumers and merchants at reduced cost.
Purchase using PAY WITH VX streamlined checkout, and pay with credit or debit card, or use the balance from your e-wallet, your VXLOOP™.
Making the most of your VXLOOP™ is easy:
• Top up your VXLOOP™ balance with VX Load Funds,
• Transfer money to another member’s VXLOOP™ with VX Send Money,
• Enroll for an iCareCard, a Reloadable Visa debit card that seamlessly connects your VXLOOP™ to your external checking account. (Available for U.S. citizens or resident aliens, banked or unbanked.  Terms and fees apply.)
• Withdraw money from your VXLOOP™ to PayPal, bank account, or an iCareCard account with VX Withdraw Money,
• View all your VXLOOP™ activity on your Transactions ledger,
• Get help using VX’s integrated Support Ticket Management system, and
• Use VX’s integrated Dispute Resolution Service to resolve your problem with a transaction as quickly as possible.  Refunds to your VXLOOP™ happen in real time.
For more information about VX Gateway and to view our How To videos, go to
VX – The Virtual Xchange – because we live, work and play in a virtual world.

We are SO excited with this new eWallet system. Gone are the days of waiting for accounts to be verified, bill pay checks to be processed and overall just WAITING for products to be processed and therefore, delivered. With our new emphasis on point-of-sale capability, VX facilitates everything we could ask for in a payment processing solution.
When someone purchases a product, they should RECEIVE that product and not have to wait for 5-7 days for processing. With VX’s Real Time shopping cart, that’s just what our members will enjoy.
With VX’s proprietary technological advances, well-above standard security measures, ease-of-use interface, along with their up and coming INTERNATIONAL Master Card program, MAP is more than proud to have found and secured the perfect fit for our members.
Important Instructions
Do NOT go to VX directly to sign up. Everything is taken care of through their integrated Buy Now button on MAP. When purchasing for the first time, you will receive an email from VX with log in credentials. Once you log in, you can go through the steps to INSTANTLY verify your account. Once this is done, other funding/payment options will become available.
Make sure your MAP Profile Details are correct BEFORE attempting a payment with VX or you WILL have problems paying with Credit Cards.
Credit Cards
For those members that want to make a purchase with a Credit/Debit Card, simply click on the VX option in the dropdown box on our site and then the Buy Now with VX button. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you will receive an email to the email address on file with MAP with instructions on how to log in to your new VX account.
Other Options
For those members that would like to pay via Bank, ACH, or Wire, we will have a link for you to sign up directly with VX soon. Again,  do NOT go to VX directly to sign up. We will furnish the link soon. For now, set up your account by paying for a product with a CC.
No need to verify your account to make a purchase. Purchases can be made straight away and while you are enjoying the benefit of your product, you can THEN verify your account…NO RUSH!
We have worked really hard for you all. Now, there are no more excuses! The MyAdvertisingPays opportunity just became 100% accessible around the world!
We have just begun. With the payment woes of the past now gone, we can concentrate on our other exciting upcoming updates. Thank you all for your continued support! Enjoy!
PS. Withdrawals will continue through I-Payout for now.
June 2014
'Over the last month we have been working one-on-one with VX Gateway regarding MAP withdrawals for our International Customer Base. And it has paid off! New banking relationships have been created in several locations in Europe, which will make withdrawals through VX quick and cheap! As soon as VX is 100% good-to-go on their side (I’m told 1-2 weeks from now), we will flip the ‘on’ switch and everyone will be happy for all of the work that has went into lowering costs and making it as easy as possible for MAP members.'

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