Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Click Intensity - The Relaunch!

This is Nick Johnson, the owner of Click Intensity.

If you've ever watched one of his videos, you'll probably feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand out. He gives a whole new meaning to the word 'sleaze'.
He has all but stopped payouts at Click Intensity, blaming Advcash for freezing funds, which has already been exposed as a lie.  Advcash themselves say this isn't true. 

Click Intensity is about to be 're-launched', which is ponzi speak for 'so long suckers!' 

The new company, without a name, has the worlds first Digital Currency!   


...or in laymans terms - SCAM

If you have funds in CI, please try for a Chargeback, don't let Nick get away with your money.

'Just finalized the landing page design and logo for upcoming launch In the next 48 hours backoffice design and technical implementation will also be done and then we will move on to data migration from CI system to new launch system !
Excited for the next phase of growth and a great 2017 !
With a trillion $$$ advertising industry market and with our strong base of 140k members , we will be world's first to launch a ethereum block chain based smart contract coin for the online advertising niche
Think about the potential
As per our research wing , we can easily take the coin to exchange at a price of about a $1 in the next 90 days alone and to upto $10 in the next 12 months
Lot of wealth about to be created
Tighten your seat belts and get ready for this million $$$ launch and billion $$ company ahead
Focus , Focus , Focus and get your teams ready !
Nick Johnson
P.S 10 % of the profits from new launch will go in clearing old withdrawls also till the time our legal team manages to get funds back from payment processors .....
So the bigger we make the launch as one collective unit , faster will be old withdrawls also and together we as one happy family will ride the trend and stay for ever
CI for life !'

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