Thursday, 9 June 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Account Blocking.

Traffic Monsoon are now crashing at an alarming rate and their Alexa ranking is scrapping along the bottom of the Ponzi barrel:

Charles is using the 180 day Paypal excuse to buy time, that's all. If Paypal had no issues with Traffic Monsoon, they would have released the funds already.

And the promised thirty day reviews have had no mentions lately and been quietly dropped.
Luckily, many people have managed to receive refunds through either PayPal or via Bank or Credit Card Chargebacks and these are still ongoing.
Many results have been posted here:
and here:

But with only a short few weeks to go before the supposed August deadline, Charles has now started winding down accounts and blocking them at an alarming rate.
These comments were taken over the last 48 hours from Charles own Facebook page: 

' Dear Charles Scoville, my username is retprasad, my account is blocked last 12 days, its showing payment Problem, i bought adpack after 2 month, I have 135 adpack 91 adpack is running. I paid the bill my credit cards company too. I called my credit cards company, my credit cards company did not reverse any money from TM. I did not get any refund from my credit cards company. I did not do anything wrong. why did my account do bloucked? I know, your are is great, Pls unblock my account.
Thanks Retprasad'

'Jawadali1 is blocked as payment problem. It has been more than 10 days. Nobody is helping. Please can you unblock it. thanks'

'Hi Charles, i would be grateful if you can help me with my ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY BLOCKED as replied by your support ticket (by Blake) it been days now, can you help me for a reply why or reason been blocked and how do I go from here as your tele customer service can't assist me when I call them. My username: googles.'

'Charles Scoville my its been almost two weeks that my account is been blocked, my username is mdnoorna I don't know what's been happening to my account and earning. I have been trying to reach out no one is responding and my issue is hanging. Please unblock my account. Thanks'

'My username is eughiepughie and i have been blocked since 29th may and i have sent tickets in and on reply they said charles will be looking into fraudlent credit card problems that was over aweek ago, then phoned TM support and they said waiting for charles to look into these blocked accounts but i am still waiting. Please can you inform me what am i supposed to do now that i have went down all the right channels to no avail. Charles i am not a rich man i am less than working class but i put all that i have into this business to give me a bit of financial freedom and now when i want support there is none. PLEASE HELP. Why treat me like this i have ran out of ideas what more can i do. Helpless from your support programme.'

'Dear Charles, i really did not deserve this, as one of Your most loyal members from the very beginning - I have over 1000 referrals . My account is already more than 10 days (May 29) blocked - reason Payment Problem. I have verified all accounts : paypal, stp and payza that i use for deposits and withdrawals from twenty other programs with over 6000 direct referrals - and no one ever suspended my account. i tried to get in direct contact with You through my friend tanguy hubner as well as sharon james but without success.'

.Hi Charles Scoville My account has been blocked for then a week since then I have been trying to contact Traffic Monsoon through Chat, direst call to and support ticket, Everyone keep saying "This blockage will remain until Charles Scoville has determined all the fraudulant activity that has happened is solved with the credit cards" I want to know why am I being victimised what did I do. I have put so much of trust on you and put so much money. and now. I am so disappointed and exhausted with this entire process of waiting and not being answered properly. I really hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible get back to normal. I hope you maintain your trust and a healthy record.'

' I had great confidence in making Trafficmonsoon, but unfortunately are very disappointed, we account trafficmonsoon blocked a week without any explanation, my account was verified and approved by trafficmonsoon and yet my account is locked, I sent countless messages to support, I talked to people from chat who are made only form that does not help anything and in the end I got a mail in which I was informed that the password has been changed and still formally asks sorry for the inconvenience, but surprise I tried to login with the new password and my account is still blocked, heaven can not understand this situation, you mock us we who put money into this business and treat us with contempt. Do you think you can remedy this totally disappointing Don Charles Scoville, very quickly and professionally, that's what you want to be this business that you creeato, a serious and lasting. Thank you in advance and I hope that this message is not without a serious resolution as you present yourself as a man of integrity, seriously.'

'charles am very grateful for you because I unblocked my account but I trafficmonsoon Account Status shows: Refused. I have already sent 2 times my ID to verify my account and nothing. I appreciate what I can do since I sent the only identity I have. Please excuse my insistence.'

'Dear Charles scoville. My downline username is10008pks. He is trying to make his first withdrawal through payza and his money is stuck in Traffic monsoon. Please can you intervene because support is not giving a straight answer.'

'It is the third day since I've blocked account trafficmonsoon without any explanation, I sent several messages here to support but have not even been in the state to send me a message to give me an explanation why my account is blocked, apparently not wishing only to show me that this site trafficmonsoon is nothing but another scam Charles Scoville, which steal our money, now regret that I had so much confidence in this Charles Scoville and hope to be prosecuted and pay for all the scams that it has done so far, I am deeply disappointed and I say the more people who have account trafficmonsoon to withdraw as soon as money because they are in great danger and come a day when you wake up with the blocked account and lost all the money he put in trafficmonsoon.'

They all follow the same pattern and are obviously deliberate.

If you haven't already claimed a refund from either Paypal or your Bank/CC
then I urge you to contact them asap before it's too late. 

Traffic Monsoon is dead. It can't be saved. Why wait?


  1. He definitely took my money and wants me to invest in traffic moonson. he has got a prayer. no way.

  2. A couple of months ago I disputed a payment to TM, thru Paypal. It was refused.
    Today (July 7th) I got a mail from Paypal that the payment was not executed and it was now cancelled.
    The total refund of almost $1500 is already in my account!

  3. A few weeks/months ago i tried to get my money back from paypal. But they refused, there is no 180 day payback guarantee. (i'm from germany)

    But yesterday, out of the sudden, paypal send me money back! YEEEESSSS! (shame on the poor EUR/USD exchange rate...)

    My logon to TrafficMonsoon is blocked. They are finally dead.

  4. After God (ALLAH), I would like to thank You Tara. I appreciate your efforts to raise awareness, a little step went a long way. Several months ago I raised a Complaint with PayPal, got refused by them - then I requested a charge back from my bank. I did not lie about the situation and told them the truth - I looked at TM objectively and it boiled down to the following... just because there are 9 services, with one of them being a clear Ponzy scheme (i.e. the ad pack service - also if you are in doubt as to what a Ponzy Scheme is, please wikipedia it - and be objective), does that mean that the rest of the business is a Ponzy scheme?

    Well - due to the lack of transparency in TM and after Confronting Charles in person about the figures, I was told by him that it was none of my business, and that this information was for business owners only - i.e. him. I can go into detail about this conversation, however to give you the fruit of this lengthy post, I won't.

    Based on my own observation, it seemed like 90-95% of TM's business was made through this one particular (Ponzy) service and that the traffic I had originally paid for was no where near organic, and was hurting my website more than anything.

    The biggest reason I got involved in TM was because I wanted to make money - the traffic was secondary to this. I was lead by one of the "Top Leaders" in TM who boasted of being close to Charles, and thought he would have analysed the risks more than I did, however both were not true, the former more so. Initially this leader was defensive of TM, but after explaining it patiently that if the majority of the business was coming from this one (ponzy) service, then the business would be in of itself a Ponzy Scheme. For example, if there are 100 people in a room and 99 of them are thieves, what does that make you look like?

    I was not patient to wait to check its permissibility and let greed justify my decision. I also did not perform deeper risk analysis and take into account the possibility of PayPal putting a block on TM's account or any other entity TM relied on.

    When TM spoke of opening its own Payment processor, I explained the scenario to a close friend of mine who happens to work in the Payment Processor industry and its likelihood - the response I got back was simply laughter. The amount of money, and manpower required to make a Processor of your own was beyond TM's means, and TM at that time was bragging about having approximately $35 million in their their account.

    When I found out that TM's Paypal account had been blocked, I was worried about others more than myself. I was aware that people had left their jobs and invested all their efforts into TM. I remember one person clearly saying, he used to work 2 jobs and left them both for TM. No doubt these type of people were hurt by this financially and emotionally. I still feel pain for those people.

    I received an email the day before yesterday saying that my transaction had been declined. A bit baffled, I opened my PayPal account and was surprised to find the entire sum of money had arrived from PayPal saying "The Transaction is subject to a Buyer Complaint or a chargeback." The last member in my team who put in a substantial amount (£5,,000) into TM also received his money back and he only raised a Complaint - by deduction this meant a Complaint sufficed for our refunds.

    After all of this, a reminder for myself first and foremost and then for others, God does not burden a soul with more than it can cope. Prayers and patience were rewarded, I got my original £10,000 "investment" back plus extra due to the exchange rate - the pound is weak compared to the dollar at the moment so I made a bit on top! All praise and thanks are to God - Lord of the Mankind.


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