Saturday, 4 July 2015

ASA Ruling on Simon Stepsys complaint.

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled on complaints made against Simon Stepsys. 
The outcome will be publicly available on Wednesday July 15th.

p.s 10th July
This is the SECOND ASA Ruling. The first was in November 2014 but some idiot has plastered all the facebook pages with links to the FIRST ruling!
Who is the Anonymous comment (in the Comments section) below who thinks the latest ASA ruling is resolved? I'll let you be the judge!


  1. WOW....amazing how you can post so much inaccurate and sensationalized information. You talk about the case with the ASA as if it is a HUGE deal. The case has been already settled informally LOL.....maybe you might want to bother to check the website before you post about this BIG was ONE complaint and obviously its been resolved . Your blog is nothing more than a way for you to get more traffic and earn more revenue. You have gone way past being a simple site to warn people and allow them to make up their own minds. You have now become judge, jury and executioner. It will be interesting to see what is in store for you in regards to how people will feel. You have already set a number of dates of the demise of this company which have come and went, you judge every single action by simply writing what you THINK you know when you know nothing. You further hide behind an alias, if you were truly interested in helping people you and were sincerely about it you would come out of "hiding" and show the world your stand behind your words. You see you do not know ANY of the people you have attacked. You simply search out their history and then make judgments and twist facts to make it conform to your agenda. Again it is laughable that you talk about a big ruling coming down which has already been resolved :)

    1. That's the 2014 ruling! Wakey! Wakey ANON! You really should do your homework before posting! And ANON, don't complain about people being anonymous when you are as well! And while I'm on a roll, name ONE posting where I have specified that MAPS will end soon? I have NEVER once given a date. MAPS will keep going as long as there is fresh money in the system from NEW recruits. When that dries up, MAPS will stop paying with silly excuses and then die. But you know that don't you!

  2. The above comment by anonymous (aka stepsys) is laughable in its idiocy!!The tell tele signs of stepsys are there! The hyperbole ,the belief that the only reason anyone would do anything is to promote traffic and earn revenue! The man is a moron of the first order!! Jail awaits! As for the comment by Danny i will say this. The rule in english law with regard to Defamation has two parts. There is slander which is the spoken word part of defamation and there is libel which is the written word part of defamation! Just to clarify! lol. The so called leaders of this fiasco called map are nothing of the sort! Category 5 morons more like!!!


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