Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Banners Broker Liquidation Update

The investigation into Banners Broker is still ongoing and we are still awaiting an outcome. We know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating them and that the receivers are working hard to recover as much money as they possibly can for
re-distribution to creditors.

Receivers Website:

If you were an affiliate of Banners Broker and would like to claim back your lost money from the liquidators please contact them as as soon as possible to put your claim in:  

Paul Appleton @ David Rubin and Partners. 
020 7400 7900

Liquidators Website:

Full details are available on my Banners Broker Liquidation page.


  1. Are Chris Smith and Raj Dixit in custody or have they even been arraigned on any charges? Does anyone know the status of these criminals?

  2. Hello Anon. No. not yet. Believe me when they are arrested it will be front page news!

    1. Hi Tara, when we fill the liquidator form and put in the amount BB owes us, do we put the amount that we had in our ewallet or can we only claim back what we invested? Thanks, Ali

    2. The money in your ewallet was never real so you can't claim for it. You can only claim for the money you ACTUALLY gave them.

  3. I have written to the bank( AIB) in Ireland re: charge back etc and have sent numerous letters over the last 15 months as I paid by Visa and they say under Visa International rules, I am outside the remit of applying as I bought into Banner Brokers maybe back in late 2011/2012( I dont have all the details to hand). I only became aware of the situation back in September/ October 2014. Can you please advise please.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi Patricia, the Chargeback route is closed to you I'm afraid. But it isn't to late to apply to the Liquidators: David Rubin &Partners -Liquidators.


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