Sunday, 20 July 2014


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  1. Your information about Banners Broker are great and I hope that the bad guys get caught eventually.But it is a big problem because they work anonumously and can be difficult to trace in the end.
    Personally, I Think the maximum is about 3-5 people in the center. Then you have all the "dealers" who has sold "panels" to next generation of dealers and put the Money direct into their pocket. Although this people are indirectly guilty !!
    Good work and thanks for your information

    1. Don't worry about that Anon. The Liquidators have infinite resources and just like the Canadian Mounties say 'they always get their man'.!

  2. And I'm sure all the individuals that paid their sponsors directly will be more than happy to let the liquidators and authorities know just who those sponsors are. I know one that made at least 50k out of this way of sponsoring. And he's still convinced that BB is legit.


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