Thursday, 24 March 2016

Triple Threat 3 - SCAM

What a LOVELY name for a 'business' - 'TRIPLE THREAT 3'.
Makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside doesn't it!

These are the guys who run it:

Troy Fobbs :

and Ray Scott:

So how does Triple Threat 3 work?

Phase 1 of our program is the subscription module which cost $10 per month. With this phase our members gain access to our Facebook auto-poster which is a fully automated way to market on Facebook. Members also gain access to a library of digital learning resources that explains how to improve your internet marketing. Phase 1 offers members the abilty to refer new members and earn a commission from their subscription. We give our members half of all their referrals $10 monthly subscription. Refer only two members to Triple Threat and your subscription pays for itself.
If a members subscription payment fails to go through then they lose access to all referral commissions from every phase, as well as access to the auto-poster and digital products. You also will not have the ability to purchase Ad Packs in Phase 2 and Phase 3. However, any Ad Packs already purchased in Phase's 2 and 3 will still earn revenue for 

the member.

Pay us $10 a month, we'll put you on Facebook (you can do that for FREE) AND we'll give you DIGITAL LEARNING RESOURCES!  WOW!  Google does that for FREE as well.
Phase 1 gives you the ability to REFER NEW MEMBERS..AND get a commission of $5 out of your $10 subscription - but here's the GREAT part - REFER TWO members (WHO BUY A SUBSCRIPTION) and your subscription is FREE! Who'd have thought of that?
 Absolute GENIUS!


Phase 2 offers members the abiltity to have maximum exposure through our website promotions. Members will view your website directly via our website ads. Website visitors and members will view your banner/text ads everytime they visit our site. Plus as a bonus for using our platform we will share the revenue with all of our members. We have 5 tiers of Ad Packs that can be purchased and they all grow at different rates as they expire. We share this revenue with our members over time. Earn money passively while you promote your business!

This is a closed loop system. Members who post their website links can see each others sites only.  Useless Traffic is SUCH a good selling point don't you think?
Ah, but hang on... visitors can see the ads as well. So any random person who happens to click on a warm and cuddly site called 'TRIPLE THREAT3' can see your Banner Ads as well. 
Except...these are the only ads showing on the TT3 site when you visit:

No new shoes for me today then! 

And next:

'We have 5 tiers of Ad Packs that can be purchased and they all grow at different rates as they expire. We share this revenue with our members over time. Earn money passively while you promote your business!'


Time for Phase 3!

'Phase 3 offers our members Solo Ads for $25 each. Solo Ads are huge email blasts that are sent to all of our members'

SO TT3 Sends your name by email to all  THE OTHER MEMBERS and charges you $25 FOR the PRIVILEGE?  Way to scam guys! 10 out of 10 for initiative! 

'Imagine your personal advertisement sent to thousands of people who are interested in online marketing. That's exactly what we are offering. As an added bonus, we are paying our members commissions for each and every Solo Ad purchased. For every three Solo Ads that are purchased we will pay out $50 to members who have already purchased Solo Ads prior. With this formula every member contributes to the payout of the other members' -  Great explanation of how this PONZI works!  

'You will also be receiving revenue from Phase 2 while you wait for your Solo Ad commission to be paid for Phase 3.
Members are only allowed to purchase three Solo Ads every six hours. These limits have been set into place for the longevity of our company. The limit also allows for everyone to get a chance to be paid out commissions on their Solo Ads they've purchased. Members are paid out $50 for every Solo Ad that expires. 25% auto re-purchase will be taken out of the payout to keep new Solo Ads comming into the system. Their is no set time-frame for Solo Ad commission payouts'.  

Three solo ads every six hours? That's a nice little earner isn't it!

So with all this amazing cash flying around and everybody getting paid all this lovely commission, that means EVERYBODY is RICH, YES? 

 Err..NO! There seems to be an incy, wincy problem with payouts. But don't you DARE complain people.Troy doesn't like it when you complain!

Troy Fobbs:
Everyone there is no Return on Investment here because you are not investing! That is made clear in the terms and conditions. We don't owe you any money! Period. We share the revenue as it comes in as stated but that is not GUARANTEED. As a matter of fact it's in BOLD PRINT NO EARNINGS GUARANTEED! Obviously with this being said we've paid out nearly 3 million. But the point is you will wait until it's revenue to share. SOME of all just don't get it.
Thanks for the patient members who understands how rev shares work. I don't really care about the complaints everyone. Yes we are back logged with payments, but it's dependant upon revenue that comes in. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING.
To be quite FRANK about this for the first time ever, if Ray and I wanted to we could keep every dollar we wanted to from everyone! That is our right and when you joined the website that is what you agreed to! That's how every rev share is setup. Why do you all think these people who do actually steal your money with false hopes rarely get prison time? It's because you can't sue them if you agreed to their stipulations. Not only did you agree to ours, but you have to agree to be a member of our advertising company before you can even spend money! That puts you WAYYY in the hole as far as expecting something LEGALLY.
Again some of you just don't get it. I could be worth at least 2 million right now and so could Ray because we've taken in close to 4 million in total. Well look at what we've paid out! And don't think we pocketed the rest either because if you think any programmer will change all these processors on the fly and make all the other adjustments that we CONSTANTLY make to better this program, like 3 dedicated servers, for free, you are just silly! That's a false accusation and I've seen it made against us many times. And if you didn't know the near 4 million total includes subscription fees, which is supposed to be soley our profit but it's been no where near that for us! Unlike most owners we pay our u r sleeves according to what we make just like we pay you! We went the entire month of DECEMBER and did not pay ourselves 1 DIME, because we knew we couldn't afford it. We had to overcome the paypal blunder.
Ray and I are supposed to be making 190k per month with 19,000 members. We have hardly pocketed anywhere near that amount monthly. Not to mention paypal held about 350k of the total earnings which I think some of you TOTALLY forgot we overcame. Didn't shut the program down although we could have easily used that as an excuse to take the money and run. That set us back 350k that we had in reserve that we had to make up for! But some of you act like we just blowing the money in VEGAS.
Facts are we have done more then what the average human would do who is in our shoes. Period! And all these other Rev shares going up and coming down day after day after day proves that we are to be trusted unlike most. And like my post stated earlier, if you didn't trust us then why spend your money and complain? I know the answer, but your to grown to admit it. It's because your friend said "hey look, there's gold". And you went running. Didn't care to ask questions or anything just plunged head over heels. Well fortunately for you and your foolish action you made the right mistake! You will get paid, because that's what we do, pay millions! And we are to be trusted as our track record shows! But you are still foolish none the less for gambling with your money that way!
I'm a straight shooter. How many other Rev share owners in history even conversate with you all the way I do? Or keep it as real as I do? I have nothing to hide or no money to steal from any of you, you know why? Because YOU GAVE IT TO ME, legally with all rights over it. I didn't have to steal it. This is all paid advertising. Not an investment. With investments you expect a return in a set period of time as agreed upon, well sorry to burst your bubbles but this is not an investment! And if you think it is you're in the wrong business! So please exit tt3 now and move on! We don't need people here who don't understand how this program works. It only hurts the program. Whether you put money in or not if you don't understand what your in, how can you contribute?
So we ask you all to PLEASE READ THROUGH TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRIPLE THREAT RIGHT NOW! So you will understand that once you pay for advertisement, it's a private transaction between you and me/ray, FOR ADVERTISING. Not as an investment or opportunity to gain financially! Now what we choose to do with OUR money is share it with with you all. But that's soley OUR DISCRETION! And the ENTIRE 4 million that's came in so far was only RAY and I's money! That's just the FACTS and it can't be argued! You signed that deal! If you don't understand this in its entirety, please stop using our platform at this moment!
For everyone else, who appreciates the nearly 3 million in advertisement revenue Ray and I made, and have shared with you, and will continue to share with you......

What a lovely man! 
And in case your wondering where all your money is, look no further:

If you're having trouble getting your money back from these charming gentlemen, there are other ways to recover your funds.
Contact the Payment Processors directly and tell them that Triple Threat 3 is a PONZI and you'd like your money back.
You can also ask your Bank or Credit Card company for a 
CHARGEBACK. Contact their FRAUD DEPT, not Customer services.
Hints and Tips on getting a Chargeback are here:

And lastly, take no notice of this idle threat:

For Translation:
Do you offer refunds? No. We do not ofer refunds. Members are purchasing digital marketing products which are theirs to keep. Your account will be credited instantly when you purchase our products. Digital products are intangible in nature and will not be refunded. All sales are final! If you are found to have put in a dispute or request a refund with ANY of our processors your account will be banned perminantly (permanently).
You will also forfeit all funds and earnings associated with your account. This is your only warning!

 TT3 is a classic PONZI scam, so don't be afraid to ask for your money  back. You also get the added bonus of knowing that the banks take the money back directly from Troy and Rays bank account!

And as for this little snip:

'Why do you all think these people who do actually steal your money with false hopes rarely get prison time? It's because you can't sue them if you agreed to their stipulations. Not only did you agree to ours, but you have to agree to be a member of our advertising company before you can even spend money! That puts you WAYYY in the hole as far as expecting something LEGALLY'

If you'd like to see these guys put into a hole with four walls and a cell door, please REPORT them to the FBI:

The Internet Crime Complaint Centre:

May 2016
The old Ponzi has gone belly up - but don't worry,
'Shares that Care' is here!

26th March 2017
Looks like Troy and Ray have a taste for the Ponzi Lifestyle and are doing another Ponzi. 'Shares that Care' - obviously didn't!
Will definitely keep you updated on that one when it's known!

16th April.
Troys latest Facebook post asking for some fresh money so he can pay people! No, not a PONZI at all then!

Troy Fobbs
9 April at 00:49 · Petersburg, VA, United States

Good evening TT3 FAMILY. We would like to initiate a Fresh Funds initiative to bring new money into the system to pay members out faster. We are not asking for an arm and a leg. We also understand that many of you have not been paid yet and your request has been pending for almost 1 month now. WE UNDERSTAND!

What we are are asking is that anyone who has already been paid or if you haven't been paid but would like to help us speed up these withdraw requests, to buy a new 3$ ad pack and a new $7 ad pack once per week. The reason for the slow up in payments is because members are not buying new ad packs. We are basically paying you all from the monthly subscription with limited new money being brought in otherwise.

If all 20k of us buy just $10 worth of ad packs per week (if you can spare it) it will send 200k fresh funds in per week. With the new max withdraw limit of $50 that would allow us to payout 4000 members per week. We will also continue to use the subscription money to pay out members as well, as we have been for a few months now. With the new momentum this will create from all the payout proof our membership will rapidly increase AGAIN, as it has on the past. This turning around the entire program.

We recognize the state of the program. While it's not bustling like it was a couple months ago, it's still very much alive and well. As with any rev share the community has to continue to support it for it to flourish! We need your continued support everyone. If you believed in us at first and put money into our program then please believe in us now. We have NEVER stop paying our members out in our entire 6 month existence no matter what we have gone through. We are still paying AS OF TODAY APRIL 8TH as you can see in these pics and with the proof being posted on our wall in this group.

Let's spread this FRESH FUNDS initiative to all our members. Remember only $10 a week will put us right back on track to payout more, attract more members, and get the payout scedule back on track. Look at it this way, you may have already purchased ad packs and have pending withdrawals of hundreds of dollars, but if you put in $10 a week ($40 per month) it will speed payouts and you will receive all the money you are waiting for. Most people would elect to pay $10 to get $50, then let the program die and get nothing!

We are all one unit here and I hope that we can start acting like it. It's always easy to look on the bright side when things are perfect in life. But it's when turmoil occurs when you see people's true character. If you believed in us when we were paying ON TIME the first 4 months of our existence then believe in us now when we need you to the most! Thanks for your support everyone. Let's turn this around in our favor instead of looking at this glass half empty!

With 20 thousand people ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The key is working as ONE UNIT, with all parts working in sequence. If we fight and bicker with each other it will not accomplish ANYTHING! You all should know this is a basic principle in life. So I'm asking very politely with the hopes that you all will work with ray and I, as we sincerely want the best for you all and want to pay everyone on time. Thanks again family. Let's accomplish this goal, like we've accomplished so many already!

20th April

Well I'll be hornswaggled! Troy has rendered me practically speechless. This latest post from him admits 100% that TT3 is a PONZI scam - take it away TROY:

From Troy:

People like to say this and that about TT3. We have come a long ways in nearly 7 months. I was taught a long time ago that men lie, women lie, but numbers DON'T lie. Well here I present you with the numbers TEAM. In 6 1/2 months we have OFFICIALLY paid out over 3 MILLION (with an M) DOLLARS to our TT3 family.
While I know some will only say "where's my pending payout" lol, I am going to take a moment to reflect on this accomplishment. Ray and I didn't know how long TT3 was going to last. If you have ANY experience in this revenue sharing industry you realize these types of programs come and go like rain showers! Last I heard DDR (Double Dare Rev Share) was the best new thing since sliced bread and the savior to members from the scam that is TT3!
Well to no ones surprise they tanked today. The same "Leaders" who convinced some of you all to go over there and join that program our now calling it a scam! Listen I'm not saying the leaders were wrong for sending you to that program, or any other rev share for that matter, because no one knows the true intentions of an owner. All they can go by is the example they set as they conduct their business. But knowing that this is the case, some of you all need to start taking responsibility FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. No one forces anyone to join any rev share. It is a personal decision. So when they go down you need to take responsibility that it was a risk that YOU took and stop calling EVERYTHING A SCAM. What you all act like you don't realize is "It's only a SCAM when they stop paying!"
That ideology makes no sense. The owners at DDR probably were not scammers. Their program more then likely caught fire like most all new rev shares do, then once people start getting money back they stopped promoting and moved on to the NEXT SHINY BRIGHT REV SHARE. That's how the CYCLE GOES, and if i'm going to take the FLAK for being the first HONEST owner to explain to you all this is how rev shares work, then I'll be the bad guy so to speak. But if you are smart you will listen to what i'm telling you, take it for what it is, learn and move on. But that starts with YOU ALL TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for you own actions and stop blaming everyone else for you not understanding that ALL REV SHARES TAKE NEW MONEY TO PAY OLD MONEY. PERIOD!
The few revshares that last for many months or years, like MPA, Traffic Monsoon, Fort Ad Pays, and so on they last because they keep a constant momentum. By momentum I mean NEW MEMBERS joining and paying NEW MONEY. They can shoot you guys all the bells and whistles they want about outside sources of income, it's all a lie. New money pays old money in every rev share that has ever existed. That's why it's called revenue sharing, the key is right in the name itself!
We have reached this 3 million dollar payout level from hard work and dedication. As well as constant promotion. If you all want to get your money back out of the system it's going to take more members coming in to pay you all out. I'm telling you all we can do this! We can pay out many more MILLIONS here if we all work as 1 unit, understand how this works, and act accordingly.
That was REV SHARE lessons 101 everybody. Please don't profess to know more then Ray and I when we are the owners and are in the trenches everyday fighting to keep this program alive for you all. We aren't DDR, we aren't Quick Rev Share, we aren't Galactic Ads, or none of the people who GAVE UP ON YOU ALL. We are Triple Threat Marketing and we have done what less the 1% of ALL REV SHARES HAVE EVER DONE! And that's pay you all out over 3 million dollars! We plan to pay you all out MILLIONS MORE! Stick with the people who are STILL HERE for you. Loyalty is rare in this world. The older you get the more life teaches you this, well you all lucked up with me and Ray Scott. We have been friends since 3rd grade and have always had each other back through EVERYTHING. Just like we have your backs NOW!

8th April 2017

We're now on TT3 mark 3!
TT1 and TT2 have gone to the great Ponziland in the sky, presumably losing everybody their money at the same time.
And he seems to be working with Uday from My Paying Ads - another two bit ponzi.
But is Fobbs bovvered? Not in the least. It's all the affiliates fault...or the scriptwriters, or the hackers...or Donald Duck? 

New TT3 is near. I need any leaders who would like to get on board early in building teams and spreading the word to contact me. Inbox is preferred.
To the skeptics. Please kindly leave your opinions to yourselves. No one's forcing you to do anything like we didn't force anyone the first time. I don't know over 98% of you personally nor did I recruite you. You all are adults who make adult decisions. Start taking accountability for yourself!
Myself, Uday, Drew Burton, and a few others I can name have all tried our best to pay you all out. I don't care for Drew, but I know he's not a scammer. Ray and I also had our money stolen from script writers, as has many other reviews share owner who used pro x scripts. He paid you all millions just like we did, but now he's "scammer of the week". Doesn't that get old?
Uday has been in business for 2 years and now he is starting to be called also scammer because of changes in MPA to maintain. It's ridiculous to call him a scammer, but some of you only think of yourselves. He didn't force you to join, neither did I or Drew or anyone else. We not about to go through all the drama again!
We want serious people who will promote and be dedicated for the long haul. Because that's the only way these programs can be sustained. If that's not you then leave the group now! No one's forcing you to be here. Some of you like to troll just to cause others to not be paid. Well the community will not except this anymore. All of us who want to make this money together will band and we will succeed!

17th April 2017
The problem with closing one scam and then opening another...and another, is that the people you originally scammed can now fight back:

So what are the plans? How will we sustain? Good questions. Answers.......
$1 "Try Me" Pack= 10% per day, Cape 115%. Max= 100
(No Membership Required)
$3 "Signature" Pack= 40% per day, Cape 120%. Max= 200 (Members Only)
$10 "Sustaining" Pack= 5% per day, Cape 135%. Max= Unlimited (Members Only)
$50 "Evolutution" Pack= 7% per day, Cape 150%. Max= Unlimited (Members Only)
Members will be able to withdraw $150 per day, 5 days per week. Min account deposit is $5. There will not be an earnings cap. Why? The same reason this will be sustainable for the long run. It's all in the repurchase.
There will be NO REPURCHASE in our system. We will pay members out 100% of the revenue their ad packs earn (as long as revenue is available). This is the key to sustaining the program.
When a system has a repurchase it allows members to build within the system and not have to continually deposit more funds. It's possible to build an account to the point where you no longer need to add fresh funds ever again with a repurchase in play. Without a repurchase, members won't be tied to the program forever, always waiting on more money to be paid, even if they don't put new money in ever again. This is how 99% of all Rev shares stall and exactly why tt3 stalled the first time.
After we pay you out 100% of the money you earn, then there will be nothing left tying you to the system. Thus forcing you to buy more ad packs if you want to earn more money! This new strategy that not many Rev shares use, will ensure the program lasts as long as it possibly can.We have worked out a great plan for longevity . We hope you can see it too.
We will also have a paid membership which will be $10 per month. Non paid members will still be able to buy "Try Me" packs until the limit is reached. Then you will need to upgrade to buy any other packs we offer.
There will be 3 tiers of referral commission.
5% for new purchases on the first level.
1% for new purchases on the second level.
1% for new purchases made in the third.
All of these ways to earn along with state of the art design and features will set TT3 apart from any Rev Share prior, and pave the way for many Rev shares to come! Be apart of the game changer once again or for the first time. We have millions more to pay out. Glad you're coming along for the ride!
Register for pre-launch now at Triplethr3at. net

24th April 2017

Fobbs needs Leaders!
Only honest ponzi pimps need apply.
Must NOT tell them this is an investment - heavens no!
But is it sustainable this time? Will it crash again owing thousands of dollars like the last two scams he had?

We need LEADERS!
Good day everyone. As you all know we are in the promotion and building phase of TT3R. We need people who are not afraid of the spotlight to step up and jump on board. We currently have nearly 300 members in less the 1 week of the site being up which is fantastic!
What we want in TT3R is honest promotion. Ray and I are always transparent with our members about our programs. But unfortunately, often, the promoters of our companies place unrealistic expectations out there and when those expectations are not met, then we (the owners) are often held to an unfair standard and the program suffers which includes the members. Well we want this to be different from the beginning and that starts with how it's promoted.
Please do not promote TT3R as a guarantee to make money or an investment company. We are not either of those things and we cannot guarantee anyone will make money. These are the same things we stated in tt3 and all other programs we create but it's often overlooked if not plain ignored. This causes people to feel "scammed" but in reality they just don't undertand the program because of how it was presented to them by their sponsor.
What we need leaders to do is spread the message of what we are and what we offer. First and foremost we offer advertising for your opportunities. Secondly we offer ways to learn how to make money online. Third and last, we offer referral commissions as well as ad pack purchase bonuses. These bonuses are the money that's paid out as revenue sharing. This is not guaranteed that's why it's a bonus. The only guaranteed money is referral commission. Not ad pack revenue earned. It is paid out as it is available.
We would like the program to be promoted in this fashion for people to undertand that when they buy ad packs, that's what they get. There is no refund on ad packs and any earnings by ad packs is subject to the availability of funds. Funds that are made through ad pack sales.
I will be contacting various members of the rev share community and present you with a promotion opportunity. We have the correct structure in place here to keep it going for years this time. We need a dedicated following now, of people who undertand the business and will promote the opportunity in the correct manner.
If you are interested in being a leader here and promoting before and after launch please comment below. We will offer anyone who wants to assist, special bonuses/incentives for being a positive influence on this company and industry. We will change the climate of revenue sharing once and for all. It starts with how things are presented. And we will correct our prior mistakes!

He might just as well of said ' this is a Ponzi, get on with it!' Oh, wait a minute...

27th April 2017

Its launching folks! TT3 RELOADED.

So what does this Ponzi offer that the others didn't?
Loads of stuff! You can play games, learn about internet marketing, Facebook Ads, FOREX trading...fake products galore!
These guys are throwing EVERYTHING in the mix this time!
AND, wait for it - Ray is giving away a FREE $50 Ad pack to EVERYBODY who lost money in his last two ponzi's.
WOW! How generous is that!

I will be giving each and everyone of you a $50 adpack (this pertains to the SEED DEPOSIT you made in TT3 previously, not your account balance you may have had) when we launch TT3R to start giving back to those who may have loss in the previous opportunity. Now is your chance to make a change and adjust your strategies. We have alot of things we will be doing for those who were in our previous program and plan to on making TT3R the best it can be!
- What you need to do is create and account
- Fund your account before or after launch
- Send me your new username via pm once you have done the previous steps(i am keeping a spreadsheet of each and everyone of you)
- IF YOU FUND $100 WE WILL MATCH IT WITH ANOTHER $100 ( 2x $50 Adpack)

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E Liberty C Flores I had more than 700.. And you'll give me Just 50? Haha
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Helen van den Dool it is still better than nothing
LikeReply7 hrs
Ray Scott i just said that was a start. Is that what you deposited?
LikeReply27 hrs
Ray Scott E Liberty C Flores not looking at the bigger picture. I'm pretty sure you are talking about your complete balance which included what you used for repurchase. A repurchase on any revshare is Virtual money which is not real so thats why the post says WHAT YOU DEPOSITED.
LikeReply17 hrs
Janet Svab Interesting may give it another shot...had a lot in previous as well...leary of the payment system
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Ray Scott Janet Svab thanks for your previous support and if we did anything to make you feel any bad feelings towards us, I would like to apologize
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Nisar Pv Kuttippuram Ray Scott the 50$ u guys gonna give too virtual ðŸ˜‚😂😂

Ray wants to do a webinar and ask for peoples suggestions.
Judging by the comments on this Facebook page, loads of people have suggestions...but they're unprintable!

3rd May 2017

The new TT3 is about to launch! And what a grenade it is!
Just look at this stuff!

👑 Triple Thr3at Reloaded ðŸ‘‘
🕹 Quality online gaming experience to keep more people on site to view more ads. Play and Advertise through a huge library of action packed, vibrantly displayed, highly addictive, video games.
Famobi Games.
🚚 FULL tutorial from highly experienced e-commerce sellers, teaching you how to dominate Amazon. Build an Amazon empire within 30 days. Results guaranteed!
Superior Drop-Shipping.
📈 Ability to invest in your own automated forex trading service. See trades live, earn from 10% to 20%, minimal risk (robotic trades), also earn 10% referral commissions for recruiting. Will back TT3Rs reserves.
FxRobot Club.
Plus ....
📊 Earn up to 40% daily from shared ad pack revenue. Earn up to 150% of your ad pack purchased. ðŸ’²ðŸ’²ðŸ’²
(Subject to funds availability)
📚 Gain access to a litany of marketing tutorial ebooks to expand your knowledge. We all have more to learn and these resources will make you a marketing pro!
📣 Social media integration to promote your groups and pages. Earn likes on Facebook and increase your social media presence. Maximize your earning potential.
👫 Earn referral commissions up to 7%, 3 levels deep. You will earn money for purchases made by members you don't have to recruit personally! Building a strong team will PAY off more then ever before. Unlimited commission withdrawals are available.
💎 There will be NO REPURCHASE in the system. This will allow members to withdraw ALL of the money their ad packs earn. It will also stabilize the system by forcing members to add fresh funds, once they have received their withdraw request. Longevity assured!
And much, much more is still inside. Come see for yourself! Get a first hand experience of the program that everyone is talking about in 2017.......

Forget about all the Jazz stuff, this is what's important:

'Earn referral commissions up to 7%, 3 levels deep. You will earn money for purchases made by members you don't have to recruit personally! Building a strong team will PAY off more then ever before. Unlimited commission withdrawals are available'.

' will also stabilize the system by forcing members to add fresh funds' 

Both these statements equal PONZI. 
The rest is immaterial.
Watch this space...more to follow!