Sunday, 9 October 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Amin Forati and Another Newspaper Article

A newspaper article has appeared today in 'LeMatinDimanche' 
concerning Amin Forati and more of his business dealings.

As many of you already know, Amin Forati was employed by Charles Scoville as Traffic Monsoons Chief Financial Officer in January 2016 and Charles publicly announced his departure from Traffic Monsoon in June 2016.

We don't know what happened in those intervening months but there are many rumours and unsubstantiated claims still to be made public (more to follow on that soon).

The story centres on an Italian businessman called Fabiano who has contacted the Swiss Police with a complaint that he was swindled out of 400,000 swiss francs ($409,000 USD) by Amin Forati.

Some extracts of the article are here, reproduced with kind permission:

'... the bank guarantee of Axios Credit Bank, provided by Amin F. S3 March 29th . According to a survey of HandelsZeitung, this bank is a ghost establishment that appears only on the Web...'

'...furthermore D & B, Amin F. administers another company in Dubai, one in Italy, two in Switzerland (with no activity) and one in Canada Daria & Bardia Group, whose address is on the site of an agency renting virtual offices. The latter company was dissolved on September 11th 2016 by Canadian authorities for having "failed to file its annual reports..'

'Shortly after (Forati and Fabiano) first meeting in September 2013 in his Dubai-based apartment - "there as office multispace at its Emirati company, D & B Groups," says Fabiano - Amin F. and would open his laptop to show off his new Italian friend an account in his name in a Hong Kong bank with several million euros. "I realized then that he was handling large sums of money...'

'Fabiano...told the police he was threatened by the Iranian because he was trying to get his money and fear for their physical integrity "for what happened to Pascal Jaussi."
'....a reason believed to have amassed some $207 million using the pyramid system of Ponzi, Charles Scoville and his company are the subject of a complaint lodged on 26th July 2016 by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory body of US markets. "If Amin was CFO Traffic Monsoon for four months, as claimed by Charles Scoville, that means managing money in this company at a crucial point, namely when all the investors demanded their money." The survey still being in its infancy, it is difficult at this stage to specify the exact links between Amin Forati and Traffic Monsoon, which proposed to his victims to invest in Internet advertising. A raise in particular that, in January 2016, in a video posted on YouTube, said Charles Scoville want to open a "global bank" in Dubai to spend PayPal services...'

'One thing is certain: Amin Forati is in the sights of some defrauded investors by Traffic Monsoon - people have lost more than $100,000 - who track it on the Web. In recent weeks, the website of the UAE company, D & B Groups, has continued to disappear and reappear. Following the article published Sept 11th 2016 in "Le Matin Dimanche,"  Amin Forati had already been removed (certificates) from his biographical presentation.'

The article also speculates about the 30million Bank guarantee that Amin gave to S3 to prevent it going into Bankruptcy:

'Deportation proceedings resumed for S3

While the investigation of Freiburg public prosecutor is ongoing in the greatest secrecy, Pascal Jaussi was readmitted this week, "Le Matin", to complications from his injuries. S3 society, we requested many times, did not respond to the questions we sent him this week by email. Does she still trust Amin F, described by Pascal Jaussi as "an intermediary" in an interview to 24 hours on September 14? 30 million bank guarantee have they finally been paid? Mystery.

While bankruptcy deferment enjoyed by the Swiss holding company Space Systems has recently been extended to March 31, the owner of S3 premises in Payerne has restarted deportation proceedings, as confirmed by his lawyer, Laurence Noble . Rents have not been paid since the end of 2015.'

'In May this year, shortly after the recapitalization of S3, announced Pascal Jaussi also buying an Airbus A340-300 for the tourist flights ZeroG. In fact, the plane was not purchased but was to be leased to the airline Hi Fly, based in Portugal. The deal was made via a Geneva intermediary Sparfell & Partners. Joined it two weeks ago, Philip G. Queffelec, president of S & P explained that the lease contract of sale was to begin last week and be followed by the payment of rent. Contacted Friday he no longer wishes to speak on this issue'. 

Hopefully the Court hearing on November 1st 2016 will shed some light on Forati's involvement in the Financial affairs of Traffic Monsoon.


  1. Hi Tara - love the blog. This is just to flag up another emerging scheme that looks a bit like a ponsi scam. It's called USI-Tech and claims to generate money for members by foreign exchange trading. I became aware of it after a friend of mine, who was was previously a MAP member, suddenly started promoting this via facebook after MAP started collapsing.

    Basically, USI-tech claim to have some wonderful automated software that makes money from foreign exchange markets. They want to share this automated money maker with the world!

    To the best of my understanding, it works like this: If you open an account with them, then pay a them a few hundred euro, you can download the software yourself onto your account and it will start "investing" on your behalf. I don't think you ever get to see the software, as it's "downloaded" onto your USI-tech account, not your computer.

    Predictably, this is coupled with a system where you get commission from new recruits.

    Of course I can't prove this for definite, but I imagine there is no special software or foreign exchange trading going on at all, the payouts that initial investors will get will simply be money from new recruits and so on.

    They've got a website and some youtube videos up. One called "Explain Tradingsoftware USI Tech" is a boring, but revealing thing to watch.

  2. Hi Tara, I have now more information about forati and his business in Dubai. Is there another way we can be in contact and sharing data?

    1. You can share anything you like here. All comments are moderated and will not be published unless I choose. Alternatively, you can contact me on Facebook through TaraTalks page.


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